Would You Take the Whitefield Challenge?

We all know the story of Benjamin Franklin. We know about the kite, string, key, and electricity. We also should know much more about Ben Franklin. He was an inventor, intellectual, diplomat, and scientist. He invented bifocals. He served as our ambassador to France when France was the main ally of our new country. There’s […]

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Learning from Closed Doors

I have always been fascinated by “the will of God.” Godly people want to make decisions that please God. None of us wants to be the Balaam (Numbers 22-24) who deliberately goes against what God wants. Part of Balaam’s problem was not that he directly disobeyed God but that He sought to find a way […]

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Jesus and the Honest Seeker

Very few passages of Scripture are more intriguing than the encounter of Nicodemus and Jesus as found in John 3. While many expositors see this conversation differently, I see it as a conversation between an honest seeker – Nicodemus – and the very Son of God. The subject of this conversation makes it even more […]

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Why Baptism Matters

Does baptism matter? While all Christian churches teach baptism, we certainly view it in different ways. Churches seem to fall in one or two large camps about baptism. Some emphasize a baptismal regeneration–you can’t enter into heaven apart from baptism. Churches who teach and believe this even divide up over exactly how that happens. Others […]

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The Gifts God Bestows

“The basic idea [of spiritual gifts] is that each believer is a living part of Christ’s body, and each one has a spiritual function to perform. Each believer has a gift (or gifts) to be used for the building up of the body and the perfecting of the other members of the body. In short, we […]

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I am the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, a position that I have held since 1989.

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