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Is Forgiveness A Naive Act?

Some people think of forgiveness as the act of someone weak or deluded, maybe even simple and naive. Is forgiveness naive? I think of a forgiving person as strong, determined, and fully and completely aware of the larger world. Forgiveness is being fully aware of the wrong someone has done to us and still choosing to […]

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Why Forgiveness Matters To God

For several weeks I have been preaching, praying, and reading about forgiveness. It is clear from the Bible that forgiveness matters to God–both God’s forgiveness of us and our forgiveness of others. In regard to our forgiveness of others, forgiveness matters very much to God. Jesus told us that as we are merciful we receive […]

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What’s Driving Our Building?

I like information. I want to know the “what” of a situation but I also want to know the “why.” Since I want the “whys” I do my best to always give you the “whys” as well. Today, I want to give you the “whys” for doubling the size of the building of First Baptist church. […]

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The Power Of Forgiveness

“The ultimate proof of total forgiveness takes place when we sincerely petition the Father to let those who have hurt us off the hook–even if they have hurt not only us, but also those close to us”–R.T. Kendall, Total Forgiveness, 16. “A sincere apology is a beautiful thing”–Mark Graham. “Every one says forgiveness is a […]

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Are Forgiveness And Trust Compatible?

Forgiveness seems to be such a simple concept. Forgive and forget and you’ll be fine. But is that really the case? Are there issues which defy simple answers? Trust seems to be one of those issues. How do we put trust and forgiveness together? Let’s think about what forgiveness means. Forgiveness means being aware of […]

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I am the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, a position that I have held since 1989.

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