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Four Takeaways from the Days of Elijah

Can something that happened 2900 years ago really be relevant for someone growing up today? After all, there are only a few things the same today as 2900 years ago. Let me give you two things that have not changed. Human nature has not changed. A teenager living with an iPhone may seem far different […]

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The Days of Elijah

When you examine the stories of Elijah the prophet of Israel, you notice the perilous days in which He lived. Elijah lived in a day of moral relativism. People could worship Baal or the Lord or they could worship both and think nothing of it. Baal was the storm god. He provided people with rain […]

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Your Church Can Be Like a Small Town

I still remember the weekend I took one of my college roommates to my hometown. When we arrived in Brantley I realized that my roommate from Birmingham and I didn’t have many things in common. We both were Baptist, from the state of Alabama, and our hometowns began with the same letter. Apart from that, we […]

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Who You Are In Christ

“Your life is a spiritual phenomenon. You are one of God’s crowning achievements. You are the full expression of His creative genius–and no troubled marriage or disastrous employment record or sin-dogged season on your part can possibly change this fact. God was at His very best when He made you”–Patrick Morley. “When a believer is […]

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The Love the World Has Never Known

“You can’t keep people away from where they are loved.” I have made that statement for years as I referred to the church. I believe the statement with all my heart. I now know it doesn’t just refer to the church. It also has to do with your relationships. As your home becomes more and […]

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