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Why You Need A Weekly “To Do List”

I am committed to helping pastors be better at their ministries. For this reason, I often write about pastoral leadership and how pastors can do their jobs even better. Time management really matters in ministry. Today I want to write about having a weekly to do list. I find that having to do list is […]

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Learn to Use Your “Undo” Button

Most editing programs have an “Undo” button and a “Redo” button. You need to find those buttons. I promise you will be thankful you did. I use those buttons often. They save me from the worst calamities. A few days ago, I was putting the finishing touches on one of my daily blogs. Though I […]

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Where Do I Go from Here?

One of the questions we ask ourselves about many things is, “Where do I go from here?” It is a serious question. How do I get to where I really need to be? One of the places that every Christian needs to get is to take on the mind of Christ and to live according […]

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Learning to Think Like Jesus

Today begins a new sermon series on Godliness.  Godliness is learning to think like Jesus. Recently I preached  a series of sermons on holiness. This is the definition I gave: holiness is doing everything God wants and nothing He doesn’t. Godliness comes after holiness and is closely associated with it. Godliness describes thinking, acting, and […]

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Why Sin Hurts Us So Badly

“Clearly, what we do in private affects what we accomplish in public. . . . Private sin enslaves us to sin. . . . Private sin leads to public shame. . . . Sin always leads to more sin”–Jim Denison. “Everyone who practices sin is a slave to sin”–John 8:34. “My worth to God in […]

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