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Quotations You Can Use (June 15, 2012)

“We should travel light and live simply. Our enemy is not possessions, but excess”–John Stott. “There are those who can preach the Gospel better than I can, but there is nobody who can preach a better Gospel than I can”—Adrian Rogers. “If you are to sit with Christ upon His throne, you must go with […]

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Ten Voluntary Initiatives

Years ago Billionaire TV innovator Ted Turner (CNN, Atlanta Braves) gave his “Ten Voluntary Initiatives” to replace the Ten Commandments. Apparently, he found major problems with the Ten Commandments (but probably not Thou Shalt Not Steal, as in stealing CNN’s intellectual property). Turner declared himself a humanist and said Jesus would be sick to His […]

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Life Is Short . . .

“Life is short. Have an affair.” That’s the masthead on a company which put up a billboard this week on a busy thoroughfare in Mexico City, Mexico, encouraging adultery. The company that put the billboard up is an internet company that specializes in helping married people have affairs. Other billboards are planned for Guadalajara and Monterrey. […]

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Ill Tempered

When Christians talk with me about particular sins or problems they experience, being impatient, ill-tempered, or grouchy is usually the most common problem they face. Actually, most Christians talk about being impatient, but their family members talk about their being grouchy and filled with anger, resentment, and ill-temper. Over 100 years ago, a pastor by […]

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Every Pastor Should Be Required To . . .

Yesterday I worshiped with the wonderful people of Sugar Creek Baptist Church in Sugar Land, Texas. Every pastor should be required to visit another church from time to time simply to learn from others. I worshiped with the church because our daughter Emily gave birth to Luke Bradford Kirby Friday morning early. Though she had […]

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I am the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, a position that I have held since 1989.

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