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What Will Church Be Like?

When I am visiting a strange church, I often find myself asking what church will be like. What kind of music, how’s the preacher, are the people warm, welcoming, and friendly? While all of those questions are important to us, they are not the question that really matters. The question that matters is this: Am […]

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What Should We Make Of Detroit’s Bankruptcy?

Detroit, Michigan, with debt of $18 billion has gone bankrupt. It is the largest American city to declare bankruptcy. Plenty of people have analyzed what happened in Detroit. Fraud, overspending, depending on one industry, drugs, riots, violence, and poor schools have all been blamed. The fact is Detroit is a shadow of its former self. […]

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Have You Given Up?

A few years ago I read one of the most disturbing statistics. In an interview about overcoming sin, many Christians said they didn’t try because they couldn’t overcome. Instead of accessing the power of God they simply gave up and gave in. Where are you? Have you given up? Each July I read through the […]

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What Can We Learn From “Fixing Things?”

Last week Martha and I spent several days with our daughter and her family. Brad, Emily, Reagan, and Luke Kirby live in far-south Florida (my term for where they live). How far is it? Two and a half hours past Disney. Brad is now Senior Pastor at FBC, Jensen Beach, Florida, a wonderful congregation in […]

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Christianity And The Fourth Of July

On the 237th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, why does this seem less of a celebration? We know where we’ve come from. How did we get where we are today? Today, we are in the middle of learning how our freedoms have been eroded by government. The Internal Revenue Service uses its (800 pound […]

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I am the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, a position that I have held since 1989.

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