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A House Of Horrors

The news out of Cleveland has been horrific. Who can imagine this happening? According to the news reports, three young women were kidnapped ten years ago by three brothers and kept against their will  all this time. At the time of the kidnapping, the girls were 18, 16, and as young as 14. All three […]

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You Need To Know This Man

Do you love the Bible? Are you thankful to read the Word of God? Do you appreciate the beauty of the King James Version? Those who cherish God’s Word should know William Tyndale, a man who did more to give us the Bible in the English language than any other. William Tyndale was a priest […]

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What Are You Doing “Daily?”

How do you become really good at something? Is it possible for you or me to become an expert? Several years ago I taught at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Our president was Dr. Landrum Leavell, a great leader and a man who loved the seminary. He often talked about our becoming experts. He wanted […]

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Misunderstanding Forgiveness

What kinds of questions are pastors asked? My questions vary widely. Sometimes they seem to come in waves. But overall, the question I am most asked has to do with forgiveness. The question is always personal. People want to know if they have to forgive, and they want to know how they can forgive. Much […]

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Making Winning Decisions

Making good decisions is the essence of life. Make good decisions and life will look rather good; make bad decisions and life will be filled with disappointment. How do we make winning decisions–the kind that move us in the right direction? First, realize that you do have more than one option. If someone says “I […]

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I am the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, a position that I have held since 1989.

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