Ready to be Back Home

Martha and I have enjoyed our time away immensely, and we are looking forward to being back with you next weekend. We have used the time to rest, think, pray, and read. We have also used the time to be with family and simply to chill. We have had time to spend with God, contemplating […]

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I Want You to Study with Me

I want to invite you to study with me. Here’s what I have in mind. Let me teach you to take biblical principles and apply them to yourself, your family, your work, and your church. This is the approach I take each Tuesday morning when a number of our men meet for breakfast, fellowship, and […]

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Why I Am Encouraged About Our Building Expansion

I’m encouraged about our building expansion. It’s a big project, and it’s taken time to get off the ground. Now, we are getting closer to our start date. There are several things that I am encouraged about. First, I’ve gotten more and more comfortable with the scope of the project. It’s a big undertaking, but […]

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America Needs Your Church

In World War II, a poster of Uncle Sam pointed right at you and said: “I want you for U.S. Army.” Those were frightening times for the whole world, but those were outside problems. I have no doubt Americans can deal with any problem with outside enemies. It’s the inside enemies that worry me. Today […]

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Hot Days and Warm Hearts

Late one hot afternoon last week I ran into one of our church members leaving the church property. I asked how he was doing and he responded something like this: “I’m blessed. I’m working with these kids from World Changers, and I am blessed to get to work with them.” Then he continued on saying: […]

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I am the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, a position that I have held since 1989.

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