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Mary and Joseph

The Bible is filled with people–all kinds of people. You find the truly evil in the Bible. Herod the Great ruled Israel with an iron hand. He bought his kingdom and did everything in his power to keep it. He killed his favorite wife and several of his sons because he thought they threatened his […]

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How Can My Life Be Better?

Recently, a friend told me what the person in the pew wants to know. When he hears a sermon, he wants to know how this sermon will help him reach his preferred future. Yesterday I preached about the “Rich Fool” as found in Luke 12:13-21. In response to a question, Jesus told the parable of […]

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The #1 Need of Your Life

More than anything else, I want to be in tune with the will of God for my life. As you look at Scripture, you can quickly and easily see the necessity of knowing and following God’s will. When David followed God’s leading, he prospered and the people of God were blessed. When Saul decided to […]

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You Get to Choose

You get to choose. You really do. Life is filled with many things you didn’t choose and many events you wouldn’t choose, but it’s also filled with choices you get to make. Here are some of the things you can choose. First, you can choose to be a fully devoted follower of Christ. In spite […]

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If You Gave Your Life Wholly to Christ, What Would Happen?

If you gave your life to Christ, what would happen? Yesterday, I preached from Isaiah 30. This passage of Scripture speaks about living in relationship with God. When you live in relationship with God, this is what you can expect. First, you can expect to receive the direction and guidance of God. This is exactly […]

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I am the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, a position that I have held since 1989.

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