‘Questions Christians Ask’

Is There Life Before Death?

Years ago someone told me that most people are more concerned with life before death then life after death. We are simply consumed with the present. Life becomes hard and people are trying to make it day by day. The poet William Wordsworth eloquently described how we are so involved in what’s happening right now. […]

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Behind the Scenes at Christmas

Almost everyone I know has seen a Christmas pageant. Most people I know have even been in one. Because of this we really do get a good picture of the events of Christmas. After all, we know about the wise men (even if there is no mention of three as the number), the shepherds, Joseph […]

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When Christians Disagree

What do we do when Christians disagree? Disagreement seems to be inevitable–even for Christians. When you look at Scripture you see disagreements. The most obvious example is Paul and Barnabas disagreeing over taking John Mark on the second missionary journey (Acts 15:36-41). This was a strong disagreement that divided up the missionary enterprise. Paul talked […]

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The Book Jesus Loved

Sometimes we can’t see the obvious, especially about the person of Jesus. For example, did Jesus have best friends? After all, while He was completely divine, He was also completely human. Jesus was close with many people. Three of the closest were Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, who lived in Bethany. Did Jesus have a favorite […]

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Is the Church Worth It?

Everyone knows the church has spots and blemishes. God knows it best of all. The very fact the Bible talks about Christ presenting his bride without spot or blemish indicates that the church as we know it now has plenty of imperfections. It’s really not hard to understand the church has spots and blemishes. We […]

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