‘Stories Worth Telling’

Is the World Falling Apart?

I’ve sometimes been guilty of thinking the whole world is falling apart. It’s easy to wring your hands and live in despair. After all, look at what is happening in Syria and Afghanistan. Europe now has a massive refugee crisis with thousands of people crossing various borders everyday. Like the huge majority of Americans, I […]

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What Would You Do with $97 Million?

What would you do with $97 million? I have a sad story of how $97 million was earned and lost. While most of us can’t lose $97 million, we can certainly follow the same path as Vin Baker, four time National Basketball Association all-star and outstanding basketball player in the NBA for thirteen seasons. He […]

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You Can’t Be Good by What You Don’t Do

As a student at New Orleans Seminary (a graduate school for ministerial students), I had a required course in Christian Ethics. Courses in Christian Ethics can take two different forms. One has to do with ethical conduct in ministry itself. A course of this nature would involve subjects such as how ministers relate to one […]

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“I Had Scripture Going in my Head”

I wouldn’t normally get to watch golf on a Monday, but I did yesterday. Several years ago, my church insisted I take time off in July (frankly, they no longer have to insist) and I am blessed immensely by their gracious concern for me. That’s why I was watching golf on a Monday. I didn’t […]

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The Sad Case of Bill Cosby

Your family may have been like mine. When “The Huxtables” came on, the whole family sat down to watch. It was one of those programs we allowed our children to watch. In fact, we encouraged the wholesome, family oriented nature of that program. Bill Cosby gave every indication of being an exemplary person. He was […]

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I am the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, a position that I have held since 1989.

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