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You Can’t Argue with a Four Year Old

You simply cannot argue with a four year old. Well, actually you can, but you can’t win the argument. It’s simply best to leave well enough alone. I learned this amazing truth when Brad and Emily (my daughter) Kirby and their two children came to visit this summer. Reagan is eight years old and becoming […]

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Jumping from 25,000 Feet

You may not know the amazing story of Luke Aikins, but you should. It really is almost unbelievable. In fact, it would be unbelievable except for the fact that it actually happened. You can watch this event unfolding by clicking here. What did Luke Aikens do? He jumped from an airplane at 25,000 feet without […]

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How Do You “Gut Out” a House?

If you’ve watched any TV lately, you have seen the debris piled in front of houses in countless neighborhoods in Louisiana. The Louisiana Flood of 2016 is of historic proportions. Many areas of Louisiana received half of their normal yearly rainfall in a 24–36 hour period of time. It made for unprecedented flooding. Houses flooded […]

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What Happens If Your Home Floods?

What happens if your home floods? You may live somewhere that flooding seems very unlikely. If that’s the case, you may be wondering what happens in a flood. If your home or business floods from rising water (and not from a burst pipe or something similar) your home is not covered by your regular homeowner’s insurance. […]

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Historic Louisiana Flooding

It’s not that we aren’t used to water. We have water everywhere. It’s that we’ve simply never (at least in 100 years) seen this much water before. How much water have we had? Most of the affected area (roughly between Hammond to Lafayette or from Interstate 55 to Interstate 49) had over 2 feet of rainfall in […]

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