‘Stories Worth Telling’

It’s Not How You Start . . .

It’s not how you start out in life that matters, it’s how you finish that counts. This week’s Super Bowl in New Orleans illustrates this perfectly. Along with the Super Bowl comes recruiting season as well. In the Southeastern Conference (SEC), we have three seasons. We have the regular season, spring football, and recruiting season. […]

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All I Know About Ostriches

Last week I started wondering about ostriches. That may make you wonder about me, but I’m fine–really I am. Here’s what I learned about ostriches. This comes from the website for the San Diego Zoo, a very good site. Ostriches are the largest birds, but they can’t fly. Instead they run, and they run very […]

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Louie Giglio And The Word Of God

Monday, January 21, 2013, President Barack Obama will be inaugurated for his second term as president of the United States of America. Louie Giglio will be missing. Originally President Obama invited¬†Louie Giglio, an evangelical pastor in Atlanta known for his Passion Conferences and work to end human trafficking around the world, to deliver the benediction […]

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Truth And Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong is–or was–the greatest cyclist of all time. He won the Tour de France, the greatest cycling race, nine times. He even came back from cancer to win the Tour. Lance Armstrong was a hero to people the world over. As long as Lance Armstrong raced in the Tour de France, I got up […]

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We All Need A Teacher

Martha and I first came to Louisiana to do graduate studies at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. We simply assumed we would stay in New Orleans long enough to finish a masters degree and then return to our native Alabama. That didn’t happen. We’ve lived within 50 miles of New Orleans for all of our […]

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I am the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, a position that I have held since 1989.

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