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Oh No, The Five Second Rule No Longer Holds

Remember the five second rule? This idea holds that if you drop food on the floor or any other surface you can eat it as long as it isn’t there longer than five seconds. The place I see this rule applied is for parents who have two or more children. For the first child, they […]

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How Do You Save One Trillion Dollars?

How do you save one trillion dollars? That was the rhetorical question of Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. For the last four years Dr. Coburn (he is a medical doctor) has published the 100 largest wasteful and ridiculous projects in the federal budget. If the projects didn’t waste so much of our hard earned tax […]

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Would You Do What Felix Baumgartner Did?

Do you think Felix Baumgartner is an idiot or a cool dude for doing what he did? I tend to side with the cool dude theory, but I don’t want to do what he did. Saturday, the Austrian skydiver made the longest parachute jump ever and lived to tell about it. Baumgartner jumped more than 24 […]

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Congratulations Drew Brees!

Sunday night the Saints won (it made it a much better Monday around the Gulf South), and Drew Brees broke one of the most venerated records in professional football. The great Johnny Unitas threw a touchdown pass in 47 straight games. Sunday night Drew Brees broke the record that had stood for 52 years by […]

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Going Through The Eye Of A Needle

In 1970 I had the privilege of making my first trip to Israel. My mom and dad paid my way and I accompanied my pastor and Martha’s pastor (the man who performed our wedding ceremony and with whom I roomed). It was a great trip. I didn’t know at the time I would make four […]

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I am the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, a position that I have held since 1989.

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