It’s Time to Go FORWARD!

You have obviously seen the fast pace of our new construction. The contractors tell us that they are on time and are hopeful to have the educational portion of the building ready next summer. The commons area and the new worship center will be ready early in 2018. It’s exciting to see everything that’s taking […]

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Why Prayer Counts

“When Robert Louis Stevenson was four years old he announced a great discovery. “Mamma,” he said, “you cannot be good without praying.” “How do you know?” his mother asked. “Because,” said he, “I have tried”–Parker and St. Johns, Prayer Can Change Your Life, 116. If you use prayer “as a spare tire, only when an […]

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Is Your Church Healthy or Unhealthy?

We all want health in any institution or relationship. Healthy institutions thrive and help their communities. This is especially true in the church. Of all the things you could say about your church, being healthy is one of the best. Recently, Thom Rainer of Lifeway Christian Resources says that there are two practices which characterize […]

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Five Things I Try to Remember When I Am Afraid

Fear is an enemy that kills without firing a shot. Fear cannot grasp you, but it can paralyze you. Fear cannot choke you, but it can leave you gasping for air. Fear destroys. We know what it is to be afraid. From walking through a cemetery at night as a child to worrying about the […]

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Do You Want to Live Longer?

How long do you expect to live? How long would you like to live? Most people I know would like to live longer if they could live healthily and happily. You probably would, too. A few days ago USA TODAY published an article which cited the research of two colleagues at Harvard University. Building on […]

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I am the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, a position that I have held since 1989.

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