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Ideas Matter

Ideas Matter. What you read, hear, see, and think all matter. Most people, even Christians, somehow have the idea that you can see, read, hear, or think about anything and it has no affect on you. That is simply not true. What is happening right now in our culture is, I believe, a direct result […]

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Does It Matter Who Wins?

It’s election day. Does it matter who wins? I remember the first time I heard someone say, “I’m not going to vote. It doesn’t matter who wins. They are all corrupt.” I was 12 years old. Even at age 12, that statement didn’t make sense to me. It still doesn’t. Let’s examine the statement that […]

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A Salute to Veterans

I hope you remembered that today is Veteran’s Day, a day when we honor and remember those who have served our country. I don’t have to tell you that as a nation we are a special nation. The nation is special because we have been given what Eric Metaxas called “Ordered freedoms.” Sometimes we have […]

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Why Christians Should Oppose the Iran Nuclear Deal

The United States Congress in the very near future will make one of the most significant decisions of our lifetime. In fact, there may be nothing more significant for the future of the United States, the world, and our children than this historic vote. I am firmly convinced that Americans – – and particularly American […]

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I Don’t Want Freedom of Worship

I’m not in favor of freedom of worship. Earlier in the week one of my friends wrote to me (and other pastors, I’m sure) about the persecution of Christians going on around the world. He wanted to make sure our churches understand people are facing great persecution and need the prayers of other believers. Let […]

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