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Is Valentine’s Day a Christian Holiday?

Although there is plenty of debate, we don’t know a lot about who Saint Valentine was nor do we know how Valentine’s Day became what it is today. I did hear someone say that we can surely say that Saint Valentine was good for Saint Hallmark. Is¬†Valentine’s Day a Christian holiday? Should it be one? […]

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Do You Have Character?

Sometimes we wonder if we know what character looks like. At other times, we wonder if character even matters. Ted Turner famously denigrated the ten commandments a number of years ago. He decided they were outmoded in America. Maybe he was thinking about things like “Thou Shalt Not commit adultery.” With as much intellectual property […]

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The Miracle and Joy of Marriage

“I said ‘I do,’ and I still do. The ‘I do’ of marriage is always in the present tense until the Lord Jesus says otherwise. ‘I do’ is never ‘I did at the time.’ ‘I do’ is always present tense. ‘I do’ travels through space and time to whatever condition the married couple finds themselves […]

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A Love Worth Keeping

[God’s love is] “a sober kind of love that places high value on a person and actively seeks that person’s benefit”–Gordon Fee. “Love changes the one who gives it and the one who receives it”–Waylon Bailey. “God often uses marriage as a metaphor for his relationship with his people (see the Book of Hosea; Ephesians […]

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The Love the World Has Never Known

“You can’t keep people away from where they are loved.” I have made that statement for years as I referred to the church. I believe the statement with all my heart. I now know it doesn’t just refer to the church. It also has to do with your relationships. As your home becomes more and […]

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I am the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, a position that I have held since 1989.

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