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Let Everyday be Ash Wednesday

Today in the church, particularly the more liturgical churches, is Ash Wednesday, a day of confession, repentance, and beginning again. Those are good, Godly pursuits. Everyday should be an Ash Wednesday. Everyday should be a day when we confess our sin to God, turn our backs on it, and seek Him to lead us as […]

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Are You Having an Oscars Moment?

According to all accounts, the Oscars ceremony Sunday night was a fiasco. Based on who you talked to or what you read, it may have been a fiasco across the board. It certainly was in the awarding of the signature Oscar of the night–the Best Picture Award. The award went to La La Land, uh, […]

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An Ash Wednesday to Remember

Today marks one the most significant days of the Christian calendar. While not every follower of Christ emphasizes the Christian calendar strictly, we all follow the calendar in some way. For example, I know of no believers who do not emphasize and celebrate Resurrection Sunday. Even for those of us who do not mark or […]

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Is One Day Better Than Another?

Many people will use today to make confession of sin and repentance toward God, and that’s a good thing. Confession, repentance, and renewed devotion please God. Ash Wednesday can be a wonderful time to renew our commitment. It can get us ready to think even more about the cross and the power of Christ’s resurrection. […]

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I am the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, a position that I have held since 1989.

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