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True Strength

I grew up in a small town that had only one small block of stores on each side of the street. Apart from that one block, there were no other businesses. While we didn’t have much in the way of entertainment, we did have one place where I spent quite a bit of time. We […]

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Paying Last Respects

Today Martha and I are traveling to our hometown of Brantley, Alabama, to attend the graveside service Friday for Martha’s sister, Betty Jean Oros. Betty, only the family knew her as Jean, passed away Sunday morning at 6:23 AM. We brought Jean from Brantley four years ago because we felt she needed more care than […]

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What Are You Leaving Behind?

Elba, Alabama, looms large in my mother’s family.I was reminded of that this week when I went back to my hometown of Brantley, Alabama, to visit my mother for Christmas. Like much of the nation, the state of Alabama has had extremely heavy rains over the last few days and weeks. They have experienced a […]

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Your Church Can Be Like a Small Town

I still remember the weekend I took one of my college roommates to my hometown. When we arrived in Brantley I realized that my roommate from Birmingham and I didn’t have many things in common. We both were Baptist, from the state of Alabama, and our hometowns began with the same letter. Apart from that, we […]

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What The Mayor Of Brantley Taught Me About Being A Pastor

My dad served as mayor of Brantley, Alabama, for sixteen years. He was first elected when I was twelve and finally retired from the job sixteen years later. He taught me tremendous lessons, most by what he did rather than what he taught. During his last election campaign (he declined to run for a fifth […]

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I am the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, a position that I have held since 1989.

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