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The Sum of All Our Decisions

We live in a world of decision making. One way to describe life is that life is the sum of all our decisions. From our earliest remembrances until our death bed, we are decision makers. While we can think that we have a myriad of options, in reality we only have two. There are two […]

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If Only I Had Known . . .

If only I had known… How many times have you had to say, “If only I had known . . .” One of the things we all need is wisdom to make good, Godly decisions. I have really good news. God has equipped us with the wisdom that we need. He provides for us the […]

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“We Made Bad Choices”

Last week I watched a fascinating news story about a group of inmates who risked their lives to help three boys who were in danger of drowning and hypothermia. Three brothers, ages 16, 10, and 8, overturned their canoe and fell into Salmon Creek in southwest Washington. Inmates were working on a detail nearby jumped […]

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A Super Bowl Worthy Of Its Name

Finally, a Super Bowl worthy of the name. The only better Super Bowl game was Super Bowl XLIV when the Saints beat the Colts. Last night’s game was so good because it had so much drama. Baltimore jumped out to a big lead and looked to be running away with the game. When the lights […]

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Which Would You Choose?

If you had the choice of living in a new house and a new neighborhood, would you try to find a “good” neighborhood rather than a “bad” one? Would you want to live next to kind, caring, considerate neighbors or brawling, angry, inconsiderate ones? Since we all know the answer to those questions, let me […]

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