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Your Three Choices

When the Prophet Jeremiah struggled with the hard times of life, it seems that he saw three choices (Jeremiah 20:1-13). Jeremiah had been obedient to God, but he suffered because of his obedience. Anytime we do something right and it doesn’t turn out well for us we struggle with the outcome. While you and I […]

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Life is Filled with Many Disappointments

Life is filled with many disappointments. We all know what they are. We hurt because of loss of employment, physical problems, and relationships. One of the most difficult is the hurt within families, both in marriages and among children. How do we handle such disappointments? Jeremiah suffered because he lived obediently before God. He obeyed […]

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How to Overcome Your Self-Pity

Self-pity is sinful and self defeating. Self-pity offends God and harms you and the people around you. Self-pity shows a lack of gratitude and thanksgiving. It refuses to trust God, and it exalts self. How do we overcome our self-pity? First, take your honest feelings and thoughts to God. This is exactly what the prophet […]

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Life Can Be A Struggle

Life can be filled with difficulty and pain, and serving God can seem beyond our abilities. The prophet Jeremiah understood these realities. Jeremiah experienced almost every kind of difficulty and persecution imaginable. Because he was faithful to God’s message, he was excommunicated from the temple, thrown in a dungeon, and locked up in stocks. He […]

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