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How to Cope with Social Distancing

I’m sure I’ve never thought that I would be writing about social distancing or how to cope with being quarantined, but this is reality. By the way, when I told a friend about this blog, he suggested that another title might be, “How to live with your children all day without going stir crazy.” I […]

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What Happens If Your Home Floods?

What happens if your home floods? You may live somewhere¬†that flooding seems very unlikely. If that’s the case, you may be wondering what happens in a flood. If your home or business floods from rising water (and not from a burst pipe or something similar) your home is not covered by your regular homeowner’s insurance. […]

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The Great Flood of 2016

Over a five day period of time, Louisiana received a monstrous amount of rainfall and experienced a flood variously estimated to be a 500 or 1000 year flood. In those five days, Louisiana received more rainfall than Bakersfield, California, does in five and a half years. It’s not the kind of history you want to […]

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The Flood of 2016

This last week has been a bad week in Louisiana. First, the northern part of our state suffered catastrophic flooding. Then, the Southeast portion of our state (where I live and serve) has been hit with what has been called an “historic flood.” Saint Joseph’s Abby, a monastery built in the 1800s, has never flooded. […]

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Do You Have Any Extra Money?

It’s almost laughable isn’t it? Who has extra money? It seems there is never quite enough. But, this is a real question. Do have extra money that you could put to good use? I can give you many suggestions of how you might do that, but today I have only one suggestion for a way […]

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I am the senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, a position that I have held since 1989.

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