Could This Change Your Child?

Advertisements abound about changing some aspect of your child’s life or behavior. Whether these work or not, I don’t know.

Earlier in the week, I talked with someone burdened with kids (mainly teens) who have checked out on life and who, at such an early age, have little hope in life. We talked about what the church can do and how Christians can make a difference in a fallen society.

We struggled to come up with an answer to these kinds of needs. I can honestly say I don’t know how our society can make a difference in kids who seem destined for prison or an early and violent death.

What I do know is Vacation Bible School each year helped to make a real difference in my life.

I can remember specific events at VBS when I was a child. At Vacation Bible School, I learned what a POW was and I heard how God helped this POW through his ordeal. I remember pledging allegiance to the flag and to the Bible. I remember Bible verses I learned in VBS

Those are specific things I remember. I also learned principles that have carried me through life.

I learned church can be really fun.

I learned God is love and that in the church I was loved.

I learned God knew who I was and really does have a wonderful plan for my life.

I learned God is concerned with forming character within me.

I learned God wants me to know Him and follow Him forever.

I learned Jesus died for me and would have died for me if I was the only person who needed Him.

Your child needs all the things I did. Please take advantage of your church’s VBS this summer . Make this a priority. Start early with your children. Give them opportunities to hear about God and His work.

Giving them these things now may prevent more serious times in the future.

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6 Responses

  1. I still remember my summers in VBS,too. I think the thing I remember the most is marching into the sanctuary while the pianist played “Onward Christian Soldiers”

  2. Without a doubt VBS is the opportunity for every parent and child. VBS was a critical factor in my salvation. It caused me to look again a Scripture in a different light when my daughter came home from VBS and announced she had been “Saved.” Her Salvation likely saved our marriage and her parents.

    The problems children are facing today are largely the result of their parents, good meaning, well intended parents in many cases who are also living in a society that condones so many unprincipled distractions. Then their are the children who are without a father figure. I think the percentage of children born to unwed mothers has met or exceeded 50% recently. The demographics indicate education and social standing or color has little to do with this trend.

    Single Moms and Dads can be successful as you posted an example:

    Dr. Benjamin Carson’s Amazing Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.

    I have maintained that in accordance with Scripture, if a small lie is faced, flushed out, and washed with the Truth, then lies will not grow, the conditions for their growth will not flourish.

    The sad fact is, such action requires Romans 12:5 ACTION. Something that is not convenient in a busy world where everyone has their own truths to worry about and one opinion is as good The Truth. Thank God for the few who do.


  3. Attending VBS was one of my favorite memories of my summers during childhood. I remember marching into the church singing Onward Christiann Soldiers, saying the pledge to the American flag, the Christian flag and the Bible. We considered ourselves fortunate to be chosen to carry one of the flags or hold the Bible during the pledge. The songs we sang , Bible verses we learned, crafts we made and friends we made are still stored away in my memory bank. Many of the workers who helped year after year made a deep impression on my life. I still look forward each year to helping in VBS as a volunteer.

  4. “We are sorry we cannot accommodate you, you cannot come in, you cannot participate”. My whole family was turned away from events because “I” was with them. This was heard many times as I grew up. People, businesses, even schools did not understand and I was a liability. The CHURCH never turned me away. VBS wasn’t possible as most summers were spent undergoing surgeries and rehabilitating. I was able to join Sword Drill for a time and moved up all the way to state! So many things from my childhood cannot be remembered, but the Scriptures learned stuck and I returned to them! I love watching children of all abilities including those with huge challenges move through the campus of FBC Covington during VBS. Whether they can speak, hear, walk or feed themselves they know they are loved. Thank you FBC!

  5. If anyone has a few hours each morning, for only 5 days during the summer (in the case of FBC Covington, it is June 3-7) that you can devote to working with the children in VBS, you will receive blessings you never imagined. There are so many opportunities to lend a hand, even for our senior adults. What an experience to see the excitement on the faces of the girls & boys when they create a craft they can bring home, or to see the wonder in their eyes when they hear the interesting stories of the work missionaries are doing right here in our country. Waylon, I agree, VBS is a great place to begin teaching young people about love, kindness & compassion, of Christ & of others.

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