What Should A Pastor Do?

What should be a pastor’s job description?

Most churches attempt to write a job description for their pastor. It’s one of those ways of saying, “this is what we want you to do.” Churches often have difficulty determining what a pastor should do and how the pastor should function.

It’s not only churches that often wonder about duties and responsibilities. As the church grew, I often went to other pastors and asked, “What should I be doing now?” What I meant was, “What are my priorities? What are the non-negotiables and what should be left alone?”

Paul’s experience at Miletus and Ephesus (Acts 20:17-38) gives us a beautiful picture of what a pastor should be and do.

Paul looked at the past (Acts 20:18-21), the future (Acts 20:22-27), and the present (Acts 20:28-35) as he discussed the relationship between himself and the pastors of Ephesus. As he discussed the past, he described how he had worked among them. All of these verses are quite descriptive of what a pastor should do.

First, Paul taught the people “anything that was profitable” (20:20), and he did this publicly (in the Hall of Tyrannus) and from house to house.

Second, Paul was not prejudiced and did not become a respecter of persons. He took the truth to Jews and Gentiles (20:21).

Third, Paul shared the way of salvation to the people of Asia and Ephesus. He called them to turn from their old ways by repentance and to trust God by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (20:21).

Fourth, Paul poured himself out for the work of the ministry. He was consumed with the responsibility of preaching the gospel (20:24).

Fifth, he told the people of Ephesus what he experienced in Christ (20:24). He knew you can’t give what you don’t have. The pastor gives what he has received of God.

Sixth, Paul exhorted the Asian pastors to declare all of God’s truth, knowing that they were guardians of the flock of God (20:28).

Seventh, pastors must faithfully prepare the flock for hardship and difficulty (20:28-31).

Eighth, the pastor must lovingly and gently give his very best for the church (20:33-34).

Ninth, the pastor must have a great work ethic (20:34-35).

The bad news about being a pastor is that often all this is not enough. There will always be something else to be done.

But the faithful pastor who has given heed for his flock can know the “well done” of the Lord and the kindness and tenderness of the flock (Acts 20:36-38).

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2 Responses

  1. Waylon, you are great pastor and we at FBC Covingon are truly blessed to have as our pastor. I pray that God will continually bless you and Martha .

  2. Waylon, we are so blessed to have you and Martha. You truly exemplify what the job of a pastor should be and have given your all so that we understand how God wants us to live. Thank you for perseverance in this instruction.

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