How Seniors Can Help Their Church

Most churches are blessed with a large number of senior adults, and that’s a good thing.

God has given the church a wonderful supply of people to carry on the work of ministry and to build up the body of Christ (Ephesians 3:12). We should not be surprised that this is the case. After all, God is sanctifying His people. Our oldest members should be those closest to the completion of the sanctification process and most equipped to do the work of ministry.

Of course, that is not always the case. Sometimes it is a failure of the believer to be equipped and sometimes it is because pastors have not prepared, trained, and equipped the members.

We must make use of those who are equipped to do the work of ministry.

How can seniors help their church and build up the body of Christ?

First, seniors should be serious in praying for guidance concerning how they can serve. I encourage all believers to ask God fervently and specifically to open doors of ministry for them. Pray that God would show you how you should serve.

Second, be clear to your pastors that you are looking for an appropriate place to make a contribution. Let them show you how you can serve. They will help you find the place where you can do the most good.

Third, consider making your contribution with the youngest generation. Yesterday, I spoke to a group of senior adults and challenged them to help disciple the youngest generation in the church. This would include rocking babies, reading books to toddlers, or holding doors and aiding young moms who have difficulty parking cars and opening doors on the way to Bible Study and worship.

Fourth, pray and give; encourage and commend. Senior adults know more than anyone of the love and goodness of God and that the same God who has been with us in the past will also be with us in the future. Be sure to pass this knowledge to others.

Finally, you can help your church by being the most optimistic person. Seniors are closer to “home” than anyone else. They should be the most encouraged about the future. Help the people around you to do the same.

God wants all His people to be ministers. May God help you to bless the church and enlarge the Kingdom.

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5 Responses

  1. Seniors still have the need for feeling useful & serving God’s church is a rewarding way of doing so. No matter our physical abilities or age, there is always a place for us to serve. It is the best way to stay young because age is only a number. Waylon, thank you for your encouragement & leadership.

  2. I realize that the only thing preventing me from becoming a grumpy old man is Jesus. And I and especially my family are SO THANKFUL to Him for that.

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