Six Ways to Save Time and Stay on Track

Do you remember when the advent of technology was supposed to give us so much free time?

It didn’t happen, of course.

Since technology can’t give us time, we have to find ways to make our time work for us ourselves. How can we save time and stay on track with all we have to do?

First, make a list of what has to be done for each day. Lists may seem a thing of the past, but whether you make a paper or electronic list you will do yourself a favor by keeping up with everything you have to do.

Second, establish the priorities for each item. What is it that absolutely has to be done for each day? What is most important? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you determine what needs to be done first.

Third, do the most important things first. Whatever you established as most important or absolutely had to be done is the thing you should do first. You will be amazed at how doing the important things first will give you peace in your heart and mind.

How many times have you done the opposite?

Fourth, at the end of the day review your list for tomorrow or for the remainder of the week. I find this to be a most helpful plan. When I determine what has to be done tomorrow I find myself already problem solving and getting ahead of the curve. If I don’t do this the night before, I will do so the first thing in the morning and spend time praying about my decisions and responsibilities. Making sure I review the coming day also helps me not to miss important events, meetings, or creative time.

Fifth, schedule for emergencies. They always occur, and real emergencies can’t be missed. You are better off scheduling them in. I do the same with phone calls. Because of how technology works, small items that require almost no time are dealt with by texting or email. Contentious or complex issues get moved to the phone. For this reason, you need to give yourself time for phone calls.

Finally, schedule your family time and stick with it. A friend reminded me of the old truism, “At the end of life no one will say, ‘I wish I had spent more time at the office.’ ”

Most of good time management is picking a good plan that fits you and working the plan.

Why not begin this day by adopting this plan and see how it works for you?



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