Sexual Abuse and the Church

Sexual immorality and sexual abuse are rampant in America. The sexual revolution of the 60’s has sown the wind, and we are reaping the whirlwind.

Even the church is deeply grieved and affected. Yesterday I was asked to appear on local television to make a statement about the issue. My five minute interview resulted in about 15 seconds on the air.

Here are some of the things I said.

First, we all grieve deeply for those who have been victimized. How tragic for anyone to be abused but  doubly tragic for this to occur in what should be safe places for everyone, especially those who are most vulnerable.

Second, the church must care for the hurting and vulnerable. When we minister to those who are used and abused we care for Christ Himself.

Third, abusers want to deflect the blame to their victims, but if you are the victim you are not to blame. Don’t accept it. Rather, report.

Fourth, churches must do everything possible to protect children from this epidemic of evil. At our church, we have sought every possible counsel about making our space safe. We have cameras and security checkpoints. We make sure two adults work with each children’s group and that adults have a separate restroom from children. We do background checks and don’t let anyone work with children whom we have not known for six months.

Fifth, we all should be vigilant about abuse of every kind. We have a responsibility to care for the people around us. Jesus told His disciples to be “as wise as serpents and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16), meaning that we must not be naive and unresponsive. Rather, we must have our heads up in order to care for those in need. We must acknowledge the problem, and we must seek to solve it.

Sixth, we must hold everyone accountable. No abuser will escape the judgment of God. Nor will anyone who looks the other way. We must care for the “least of these my brethren” (Matthew 25:31-46).

Finally, while we cannot “just pray,” we must pray. Let us be people who care for all and seek the God who cares for all.

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3 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for overseeing a safe refuge for our little ones. They are so precious. We just never know who at any age has fallen to this evil in their lives. We must pray for them, and love one another as He loves us.

  2. We are blessed that FBC Covington has numerous ways for the abused and the abuser to receive help in a safe and private setting. These are available to everyone, not only church members.

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