What Is Christian Maturity?

Is anything as much discussed among Christians as discipleship or growing in the Lord? How many times do we preach about people who are exactly as they were when they first professed faith in Christ? How often do we lament those who are not growing as followers of Jesus?

Obviously, Christian maturity is very important, but what characterizes a mature believer? Christian maturity has many facets. Let me give you a few which have real significance.

First, to be mature in Christ is to seek Him diligently. It is to ardently desire the mind of Christ (Philippians 2:5).

Second, Christian maturity is to love what God loves and hate what God hates. This is my definition of holiness. Let us be people who desire to be like Christ and let Him show us what our desires should be.

Third, a person is mature when they are “easy” with the faults of others and “hard” on their own faults. The first step in this aspect of maturity is to be able to see your shortcomings and be sympathetic with the failures of others.

Fourth, Christian maturity means to love even whey you aren’t loved. Jesus often talked about the Pharisees who loved and cared for the people who loved and cared for them. Anyone can do that, even the pagans, but can you love those who don’t treat you well? Can you pray for them, help them, and bless them?

This is one of the greatest tests of our Christlikeness.

Fifth, Christian maturity is to seek to share Christ and make Him known. To be mature in Christ is to help other people know Him and to become like HIm. When we know Him so well that we want everyone to know Him well is to experience the maturity of Christ.


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  1. Jason I thought for a minute # 6 was going to be Christian Maturity is when Men listen to there Wife’s more !
    Boy that was close !!

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