Happy 90th, Mama!

Martha and I are blessed today to be in my hometown, visiting my mother and celebrating her 90th birthday. We should have a wonderful party with my brother, at least two of Mama’s sisters, many of her nieces and nephews (my cousins) and their children and grandchildren. We are truly blessed.

We are also blessed after the difficult spring my mother had to get to this day. We are looking to rejoice with her.

Even though she is struggling to complete sentences, she has her wonderful moments. A couple of weeks ago one of the family members asked when her birthday was. My mother quickly answered “August.” Then the same family member said, “You’ll be 90!” My mother answered even more quickly, “Let’s not talk about that!”

We are even more blessed to know that so many people have prayed for her. We are deeply grateful. It is beautiful when God’s people–the body of Christ–call our names before the Father.

Thank you for praying and for caring.

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13 Responses

  1. God bless your mom Pastor. This is so great to hear that her 90th birthday finds her with sense of humor intact. I’m rejoicing with you over this news.

  2. Happy Birthday Mrs. Bailey! What a blessing it will be to be surrounded by people that love you! You have left a legacy!!!

  3. Happy blessed birthday Mrs. Bailey!
    Waylon we are thrilled that you can celebrate with your dear mother today.
    What a treasure!
    Much love, Al and Kem Jackson

  4. Happy 90th Birthday, Mrs. Bailey! Love ❤️ and blessings to you and your family. Waylon and Martha, so happy that you can celebrate this wonderful occasion with your sweet Mother.

  5. Happy Birthday Margie Nell! What a wonderful milestone. You are blessed to have so many people that love you and are praying for you. Have a great day. I love you! . Beth and Don

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