Learning to Do the Small Things

In almost every area of life, it’s the small things that count.

Think about your marriage. What is it that really counts? Almost always, it’s the small things. A big ring or valuable piece of jewelry a husband gives to his wife probably doesn’t count for very much if he leaves out kindness, tenderness, and gentleness.

I remember hearing a story years ago about a brother and sister. The brother had done something to hurt his sister and was made to apologize by his mother. He came humbly to say he was sorry, give her a hug, and say, “I love you.” I don’t think I will ever forget her response. She said, “I don’t care whether you love me or not, just treat me right.”

It’s the small things that count.

We can never really achieve the big things that we want if we leave out the small things.

What are the small things? In our relationship with God, it is the small things that truly matter.

Let me encourage some small things.

First, spend time each day in prayer. Seek to pray several times during the day. You may only have a few minutes to do so. Establish your dependence on God in prayer. This may be a small thing, but it will pay great dividends.

Second, go out of your way to do something kind for someone else. Kindness can be a smile or an encouraging word. What seems small and insignificant to you may mean the world to someone else.

Third, read and meditate on Scripture. A great practice is to pick one verse and meditate on it all during the day and practicing what it tells you. While this may be small, it is powerful to bring about change in our lives. I think of Ephesians 4:31-32 as very meaningful for this practice.

Fourth, attend church regularly and be fully engaged when you do so. Don’t let the worship of the Holy God be insignificant in your life.

All of these things are little, but they bring about large changes.

Are you doing the small things?


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