How Can I Have a Better Outlook on Life?

One study after another shows the benefits of having a positive outlook on life. People who are positive generally live longer, have healthier lives, and enjoy life more.

With those benefits, I must ask, “How can I have a better outlook on life.” Obviously, even a genuinely happy and positive person should seek to have an even better outlook on life.

How can we have a more positive outlook and better attitude?

First, as with everything, you have to want this positive outlook. When Paul wrote to the church at Philippi, he commanded them to rejoice, pray, and keep their minds on the good, lovely, and positive things (Philippians 4:4-9). No one changes until they want to change. When we do want change, it generally comes easily. The key is to determine to have better attitudes and a better outlook on life.

Second, purpose to go out of your way to look for positive things around you. Paul gave a whole paragraph to encourage people to change the way they thought and to keep their minds on the things above (Philippians 4:8-9). When we put our minds on the things of God, we will be looking at those things which are true, gracious, honorable, just, and pure.

While there is plenty bad in life, there is also plenty of good as well. You get to choose which you will focus on.

Third, pray about everything. Paul told the church not to be anxious about anything but to be prayerful about everything.  Prayer does a wonderful thing: it changes me! I find nothing changes me like prayer.

Fourth, trust God. Ask God to help you and put everything in His hands. Instead of spending time being anxious, spend time in prayer. Tell God that you trust Him and that you are going to give the things you are anxious about to Him.

This past weekend my thirteen year old grandson, Chase, taught his class of eighth grade boys (under the supervision of three wonderful, positive, young Christian men). He taught one of the most profound thoughts I have seen lately. I’m not sure where he received this teaching, but it is helpful. He said, “When I go to sleep I pray for things that I need help with and people who need help. While we’re asleep God is hard at work helping others.”

I’ve thought about that truth several times over the last few days. I even went to sleep Sunday night praying for a need in my church and telling God that I trust Him, knowing that He is “hard at work helping others.”

Dear God, help me to have a better, more positive outlook toward to people and life events.



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