Why You Should Love the Church

I love the church. I always have, and I always will.

You should love it, too.

Here’s why.

First, it is the body of Christ. Any reasonable understanding of that term and the way it is described in the New Testament makes clear the fact we cannot be part of Christ unless we are part of the body.

The fact we are a part of Christ body should be a sober realization on our part.

Second, the church is the bride of Christ. Every husband wants his bride treated with gentleness, respect, and loving care.

Throughout Scripture the people of God are referred to as the bride. Our loving care of the bride – – building it up, treating it with respect – – shows our love for the bride.

If Christ loved the church, we should love it as well.

Third, the church belongs to Christ. He described it as “my church.” He built it. He cares for it, and he nurtures it.

Fourth, the church is the hope of the world. Nothing in the world can bring about as much positive good as the church. I am well aware that the church has plenty of “spots and blemishes,“ but I am also aware that it has the potential to serve God and to make him known throughout the world.

The church can make a huge difference. It certainly did in my life.

The church pointed me to Christ. It taught me Scripture and good theology. It gave me loving relationships and a picture of people who were unwavering in their faith and fully devoted to God.

More than anything else, the church provided a place for me to hear the call of God.

May God bless his church.

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