Things for Which We Can Be Thankful

Psalm 103 is and has been one of my favorite passages of Scripture. It gives matchless praise to God for all He has done and for his wonderful blessings.
I particularly love Psalm 103 because it reminds us of the many things of which we should be grateful. These verses were my prayer time yesterday morning. I prayed Psalm 103:1-5.
Let me describe how I prayed.
First, I praised God for his goodness and blessings. When you pray Psalm 103:1, this is exactly what you do. In Hebrew, to “bless“ the Lord is to praise Him. You will find that many translations use the word praise instead of bless.
Therefore, this is a very easy Psalm to pray because we naturally begin prayer by praising and glorifying the God who loves us and gave Himself for us.
Second, the psalm gives you five areas for which to be grateful. Notice the magnitude of the things for which the psalm praises God. These are magnificent things God has done for his people.
(1) God forgives all our iniquities. Later in the psalm we are told that God removes our sin from us as far as the east is from the west. As high as the heavens are above the earth so great is God’s steadfast love.
Is anything more wonderful and astounding than God’s great forgiveness and love?
(2) God heals all our illnesses. What does this mean? It certainly means that God cares for us at all the times of our life and that He never forsakes us.
When I am well and free from sickness, this truth may not mean much to me. When I am not well, it means everything.
(3) God rescues us from the pit. He gives us life, and he preserves our life. We owe our very existence to Him.
(4) God crowns us with steadfast love and mercy. Steadfast love is the closest word in the Old Testament to the New Testament concept of grace.
These terms of steadfast love and mercy show how God sees us. We are His favored people. He gives us what we don’t deserve (mercy) because of His faithful love for us.
(5) God satisfies us with good so that our very lives are renewed as the eagles (known for long life).
I want to encourage you to read, meditate, memorize, and pray these words.
This practice has blessed my life, and I believe it will bless yours.

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