Seven Things I Never Get Tired Of

While life is filled with hurts and tragedies, it is also filled with joys and happiness. God has given us wonderful blessings which are filled with joy.

Years ago Martha and I sat down with a yellow legal pad and began to write everything for which we were thankful. The list became too long to continue really fast.

While this list could be really long as well, I want to give you seven things I never get tired of.

First, children bounding into the church building with joy and excitement. I love it when kids look like they “own the place.” It makes me really happy.

When kids attend worship and Bible Study, I want them to have warm feelings about being with the family of God.

Second, kind words and loving smiles. Even when life is so very hard, kindness and encouragement will keep us going.

Third, encouraging words. Recently I read a report from Forbes Magazine with evidence that we change more with encouragement than with correction. I believed that before I read the article. It’s amazing what can happen when we “catch” people doing something right and encourage them about it.

Fourth, the hugs I get from my grandchildren. Martha and I have four grandchildren who hug us when they see us and when they leave us. That’s two hugs every trip. I looked at Martha one time and asked, “What did we ever do to deserve this?”

I am so thankful for our two daughters and sons-in-law who have blessed us with loving grandchildren.

Fifth, seeing the church being the church, telling about Christ and sharing His love by sharing their blessings.

Sixth, watching people forgive what seems unforgiveable and love people who appear unlovable. I can tell you this, “Christ doesn’t get tired of it, either.” He loves to see His people act like Him.

Seventh, seeing people humbly submit their lives to Christ. That never gets old, and I’m so happy it doesn’t.

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  1. Your list reflects how I feel as well.
    In a small congregation we need everyone to be involved (guess that is the case for any congregation) anyway my point is that the kids, teens and young adults in my church are involved and get motivated by a few leaders among them and I tell them that seeing them active and involved helps keep us older people encouraged and motivated.

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