“Would You Be My Neighbor?”

Yesterday, I wrote about learning how to give thanks and to be a more grateful person. Then later in the day I saw Fred Rogers (you know, “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”) give an acceptance speech when he received a lifetime achievement award for daytime television.

This is what he said.

He mentioned the many people who had helped him get to where he was. He mentioned that some were present, some were away, and that some were even in heaven. Then, he asked the entire auditorium to take ten seconds of silence along with him to remember the people who had helped each of them get to where they are today.

He said, “I’ll watch the time.”

For ten seconds, there was profound silence and many tears. Then he concluded by thanking his family and friends and those who gave him the opportunity to speak to children by television. He concluded by saying, “May God be with you all.”

I was deeply touched not just by Fred Rogers but by taking my ten seconds to think about those who helped me along the way. I kept doing that all during the day.

There are so many of those people. I thank God for pastors, family, professors, and people in churches who encouraged me and believed in me. People who did their best to show what God can do and how He works in our lives. People who were willing to give kind correction and encouraging words. People who prayed–and still pray–for me.

We each need a neighbor like that.

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2 Responses

  1. A legacy that gave God the glory and loved others as himself. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the man behind the character, Fred Rogers, this morning. He was celebrating “Thanks Giving” and teaching others as he did it. A man I would loved to have known.

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