How Can I Do the Things that Matter?

James Clear is a favorite writer. He has written about the power of habits and how you develop those powerful habits.

Recently he wrote about adding value to other people. He said that before you ask for value you must give value to others. This fits many areas of life. My blog tomorrow will expound on this idea and how it applies to Scripture and to us.

Today, I want to talk about productivity and time management with something James Clear said in the same article.

“The fastest way to raise your level of performance:

Cut your number of commitments in half.”

Almost all of us are asking, “How can I do the things that really matter?”

Obviously, we first have to ask, “What really matters?” This is a great life lesson and life exercise. Certainly, your family, livelihood, and faith would fit in these areas. What else should fit, and what shouldn’t fit? What should you not do, and what should you give to someone else?

These are the kind of questions that help us be more productive and to add value to others.

As we move to the weekend, I want to encourage you to look deeply at what you are doing and the contributions you are making. Look for ways to make a difference in the people around you.

Paul told the believers in Colossae to “Make the most of the time” (Colossians 4:5). He saw time as an opportunity to serve God and to advance the Gospel.

How can we see time as an opportunity, and how can we use our time to advance the Gospel?

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