Adding Value to Others

James Clear is a favorite writer. He has written about the power of habits and how you develop those powerful habits.

Recently he wrote about adding value to other people. He said that before you ask for value you must give value to others. This fits many areas of life.

Think about marriages. Most of the time we think about what our spouse doesn’t do. He/she doesn’t meet my needs, think about me, etc. James Clear would say that we have to add value to others before we can ask value from others. In other words, be sure that you are giving fully before you ask to receive.

While I don’t know about James Clear’s religious beliefs, like so many other helpful people he is really expressing powerful words found in Scripture.

Jesus told us to “do unto others as you want them to do for you.” Have you applied that to your marriage, your family, your friends at school, or your workplace? Have you considered the kind of difference this could make?

What about what Jesus said about loving others as you love yourself? Would this turn everything around you upside down? And, what if two people in the marriage practice “doing unto others” and “loving others as we love ourselves?”

Have you thought about your one–the one you are praying to come to Christ?

Before we can ask them to know Christ, we have to show that we know Him. He has to become real in us so that we can add value to the lives of others.

When that begins to happen, we will see many people yield their lives to Him.

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