Church Will Be Different Today

For almost anyone reading this all across America and throughout the world, your church and your worship service will be different today.

For the first time ever, I will be preaching to a empty church building. The worship service will be online, but it will not be with a group of people gathered for worship, discipleship, and fellowship. It will be our worship leaders, our tech team, one or two people who will come to encourage me as I preach, and me.

On your end, some of you will be alone and some will be with a large family. Everyones’ situation will be different with one, very important difference.

We will be worshiping the God who is Spirit, and we will worship Him in spirit and in truth. That will make all the difference. We don’t gather together for God. We gather for ourselves because fellowship and encouragement are important.

While this is different and difficult for us, it is not difficult for Him. He knows us all and hears us all. He knows how needy we are, and He cares deeply.

As you worship, you need to see in your mind two things.

You need to see the church gathered, gathered around computer screens and mobile phones for the purpose of worshiping God and hearing His Word. You need to recognize that you are a part of a multitude of people of every tribe, nation, people, and language who are worshiping around the throne of God. This is not just a time, it is an experience with God and with God’s people.

You also need to see in your mind God Himself who hears your prayers and receives your worship. You need to recognize that the church is present but also that God is present. You need to recognize that things have changed but God has not changed.

We will worship the same God that Abraham and Moses worshiped. We will worship the God who sent His Son to save sinners–to save us.c

When those things take place, we will have worshiped and been fed because we have been with God and been with His church.

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3 Responses

  1. Thank you, Pastor, for these words so true and for your faithfulness in prayerful leadership for the Body of Christ that is FBC. May God bless today’s very different worship and continue to bless you and all of our church family.

  2. Thanks to you and all the staff at FBC Covington for keeping us connected during this time. We were able to have our Connect group on the telephone yesterday afternoon, and it really was a blessing for us. Praying for you as you preach to us this morning and hoping that many people who do not even attend a church regularly will hear your message. Praying that we will all stay well and continue to serve in any way we can.

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