People are Struggling

People are struggling.

From the unrest in the country to the personal pain and loss with COVID-19, people are struggling.

Much of this struggling seems to come from lack of close relationships with loving people. 

What should we do?

First, pray for people and pray with people. When people pray with us, we receive a “Double” benefit. We are blessed because we’ve been prayed for, and we are blessed by the association and relationship with someone who prays for us personally.

Second, reach out to the people God brings to your mind. 

This should especially be the case if you are not struggling. If things are not difficult for you, don’t simply go on with your life. Do your very best to see the needs of others and help them with their struggles.

Third, don’t lecture. Those who are struggling may already be feeling shame or guilt that will only be exacerbated by our lecturing. They need to be loved, cared for, and understood. Understanding takes time. Time is what struggling people need. 

When your friend  feels loved and understood, then you will have the opportunity to gently suggest other ways of thinking and behaving.

Fourth, be available. Let people know you are there for them, but don’t wait for them to take the initiative.

I know this seems strange, but hurting and struggling people have a hard time asking for help. Therefore, we as the church need to find every way to connect with people who are hurting.

Finally, share the love and compassion of God. Go to struggling people in the name of the Lord Jesus. Share with them how God has been with you and how He can be with them.

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