Praying for the President

As I write this today (Thursday), it is still not clear who the next president of the United States will be.

But, while we don’t know who the president will be, we do know that he will need the prayers of God‘s people.

God‘s word is plain: “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people – for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness“ (1 Timothy 2:1-2).

How should we pray for the next president?

First, we should pray for good decisions, just laws, and wise and kind administration. This will allow us to “live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.“ It will also allow us to practice our faith and to make disciples of the Lord Jesus “who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth“ (1 Timothy 2:4).

Second, we should pray that there will be people in the administration who can speak the truth of God into the life of the president. Vice President pence has been that person in the present administration. We should pray that God would put Godly people in the future administration, which ever one that should be. 

Third, we should pray for wisdom for the president and all his advisers. We live in a big country with many people and deep problems. We need the president to have wisdom and to make decisions from the wisdom of God.

Finally, I would pray for evangelism in the halls of Congress and in the White House. I encourage you to pray that a revival may come in America and that it may begin in Washington DC.

May God bless us in all these ways.

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26 Responses

  1. Amen, I will be praying for President Elect Biden and VP Elect Harris as they begin to heal our nation and restore integrity, dignity and Christian principles in our great country.

    1. You are so wrong as only a humble hungry for righteous can bring people to the true God and Savior Christ y.
      Biden has been a tool of the devil for too long and only a blind person can not see the evil he has done to our country.

      1. Better not to comment on one anothers choice of candidate!
        When you denigrate the other partys main candidate, you are
        meddling in someones freedom to choose to themselves.
        Better to respectfully disagree, in silence if possible!

  2. Dear Waylon (and all the others who have read this and have no reservations about following the wise and Christian advice within) agree with everything you have suggested we pray and hope for. You are absolutely correct, Have no doubt of that. You are a better person than I.

    Grief is a process and I hope one day I will be able be like you.

    However, if I may venture to to my opinion , I do not feel the inclined to pray for an administration led by President Joe Biden. I know what all of you will say, that I am evil a sinner who needs to come to Jesus and be saved. By no means! I have accepted Jesus and I try to act and feel as He would, though, as know it is very hard and I do not always succeed (it’s impossible to never sin)

    However, I do not feel inclined to pray for what will never, ever happen. God has delivered us in a world where the administration in power will do all stthat it can to remove God from this country. He has put us on in the power of the Party of Satan, the party of death. One cannot be a Christian and a member of the Democrat party. I mean no offense but when anyone voted for Joe Biden, they have voted against Christianity itself. The Democrat platform endorses :
    1) No cannot consequences , no justice for those who do evil as long as they are rich and powerful.

    2 ) Murder of the innocent unborn

    3) Infanticide – the murder of innocent, helpless babies at the wish of their own mothers. I was understand the impression that God decides who lives and who dies and that children do not belong to parents in the sense that they may dispose of them like a car or a computer, etc

    4) The Biden Administration will do all they can to destroy our country completely, our country which was formed based on Judeo /Christian values. Already, they have violated our Constitution and will continue to dismantle it until they have turned the United States in to a Socialist Hell where there will be no legal, free, public worship of God. Joe Biden claims to be a Christian when it is convenient, yet he was refused communion once when he showed his face in a church.

    What you are asking us to pray for us wonderful and right. If a person has reached the point of sanctification that you are a copy of Jesus Christ or even a long way from that, I suppose you can pray those prayers and earn a reward in Heaven. However, what you are praying for is a momentous miracle that has not been witnessed since Jesus’s ministry, and such miracles are either rare or simply do not occur these days.God in Biden’s administration. He is the last thing they want. You may be sure no true Christian will be accepted n this administration (or will wish to)

    I know Christ said “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. And f He said that then it t is the undeniable truth. But the Biden administration is not my enemy. I hold no hatred towards anyone in the world (even if you think my response indicates hatred). I wish them no personal misfortune. I too hope God will change their evil, immoral, God hating hearts and make them decent people who love this country and and govern it with wisdom, respect for God, and concern for its citizens for whom they work (even thought they seem to have forgotten that.

    But those prayers will come after those that beg God not to punish us with this corrupt, lying, senile cretin.and his fellow demons. I am praying for those who will suffer because of this false and evil presidency, both now and in the generations to come. I have no children and thank God for it so I do not have to endure the pain of knowing what there lives will like.

    Finally, I pray that God’s denial of justice does not lessen my faith in Him. But where is this justice , this vindication of those who had faith it would prevail in this, possibly the most important, election in history He not only put us in the power of evil, he allowed this to happen (in part at least) through blatant fraud. The United States wanted Donald Trump and the an blessings his administration has brought to us. And yes, myself and others wanted to see justice that he intended to exact ton those whose wealth and connections give them good cause to think they can succeed
    their selfish, evil goals and obtain the ultimate power over the citizens of the United States.

    This is a significant disaster, not merely a temporary reversal of fortune. It is also the will of God and for that reason, I will try had to accept it (I have no choice) and to accept it graciously.

    Truly God’s ways are beyond human understanding. I myself cannot think of a reason why God has allowed sin and evil into the presidency. But if God has allowed such an injustice, it must be greatly to the greater good.

    You are a great man. A man who obeys Christ completely evil . An example of a true Christian . But I cannot pray for a miracle with any real sincerity or hope.

    I do not hate those who will destroy our country. I wish no evil on them. The only the justice

    * By the way, the Speaker of the House of Representatives once declared to an audience that “You do not need God, you have us”. A this someone you want “ruling” over you ?

  3. Patti, With all due respect I believe that you are very misinformed on many of the issues that you write about. My advice would be to take a break from social media and Fox News for a while.

    1. Patti
      You are correct and I’m sure you speak for all 73 Million Christian Conservative voters. Keep up the great work and I know our savor is very proud of your convictions and unwavering stand on the side of righteousness. Christians have been silent too long and I feel this is why we lost so much….let us not be silent any longer.
      God Bless You!!!!

  4. Bill, your use of the expression “with all due respect” is a farce. You displayed nothing but condescension and disrespect for my opinion. Do tell, what makes me misinformed while you feel enlightened enough to tell me that I am ? What arrogance !

    By the way, NEVER watch the news. With the exception of Fox News, the media is part of the reason this country has gone insane. The lies and trash that is shoved down the viewers’ throats doesn’t lead to informed votersl I may not watch the news but I have trustworthy sources which information me on issues in which I take an interest.

    So, I suggest that you lay off the condescension, the false courtesy, and the insultS.

    Oh yeah, prove I am wrong about the Democrat party and abortion and their stated goal of allowing infanticide. Prove I am wrong when I say certain political figures will never face justice because they are too wealthy and well connected.

    I thought I made it clear that I agreed with Waylon. Yes, we must hope that this morally bankrupt regime is transformed into one that believes in God and cares about the people of this country and not lining its pockets. But in my opinion, that is to pray for
    a miracle akin to those Jesus performed. And Jesus Christ performed those miracles to prove who was to those who doubted him. They do not happen nowadays. Which is not to say, God won’t deliver us from this disaster in some spectacular manner.

    I the mean time, while I consult scripture to make myself accept God’s will graciously, why don’t you consult scripture about arrogance.

    Oh, and take a break from whatever news you watch and learn some manners and humility.

    In closing, I wish you well and am glad you are happy with the outcome of a critical moment in history. I cannot be pleased, but I accept it as the will of God,

  5. And Bill, replies are not meant to be condescending insults. If you don’t agree with me, fine What I wrote was my opinion. Whether the things I mentioned come to pass or not only God knows. I have faith that everything that happens is somehow for the best because it is God’s will. Right now it is a bit difficult to submit to God’s will, but rest assured I will . You made this political and actually believed you had the right to tell me I am misinformed and the gall to suggest what you think I should do.

    But I do forgive you as a Christian should.

  6. 1st John 2:15
    John 3:15
    John 8:7
    Ephesians 6:12
    2 Corinthians 7: 14
    Matthew 24 – 25
    The Holy Bible is our manual on how we as Christians should live and not man.
    All the Glory belongs to the Lord. He uses the just and unjust.

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