Why I Want to Write a Blog

Have I lost my mind?  Why would I want to add to my workload by writing a blog?

Maybe I shouldn’t be the one to determine whether or not I’ve lost my mind, but I can answer why I want to write a blog.

First, let me give the spiritual answer.  This is the most important reason to me.  In my time alone with God in personal worship, I have been impressed with my need to do more to make the Gospel known and the Word plain.  I believe that this is God’s plan, and I want to follow it to the fullest.  I see the blog as one more asset in sharing what drives my life–my relationship with the Father and His call for me to make Him known.  To put it simply, I want to influence as many people as possible with the Gospel.

Second, for years I have wanted to share sermon illustrations with other pastors.  Jesus used stories to open the Scripture.  I have tried my best to follow His practice.  Pastors are always needing stories which connect with life and which make the Scripture plain.  My category, “Stories Worth Telling,” will be my attempt to help pastors with stories that they can use.

Third, pastoral leadership is new in every generation.  Where we live and what our culture is like affects how a pastor leads.  I want to help other pastors know what works and what doesn’t work for me.  I have benefited greatly from the experience of others.  If my experience can help other pastors and other churches, that would be meaningful to me.

Fourth, I want to help Christians know the Bible and to fulfill what Simon Peter told the church: “Always be prepared to make a defense to any one who calls you to account for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15).  Therefore, I will write about “Questions Christians Ask.”  For example, I will soon post a blog answering the question:  “Do you believe in the saints?”  I hope to help you and others know the Scripture and interpret it properly.

Fifth, this gives me an avenue for communication that I don’t have now.  I want to disseminate this as widely as possible.  Would you help me by sharing my website with your friends or anyone that it might help?  Please send the link  http://www.waylonbailey.com. as often as possible.  You can also post the link on Facebook and Twitter as well.  I would appreciate your help.  Please feel free to share anything that is meaningful to you with someone else.

Do you think I’ve lost my mind?

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5 Responses

  1. Dr. Bailey, you are such an inspiration! love the blog, and as always loving your sermons! thanks for being such an incredible pastor to our wonderful church!

  2. Pastor Bailey,
    You are such an awesome teacher! I love learning from you. Not having been brought up with Scripture, you have been an absolute blessing to my Christian Walk. God bless you!! nancy

  3. How great is God…you used the same verse in this blog post as the kids learned this past week in VBS….3 years later. I love reading your blog.

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