It’s A Baby!

Last week I received a newsletter from the Northlake Crisis Pregnancy Center in Covington. Northlake CPC is a wonderful ministry made up of caring, committed staff and volunteers. They have broad community support to care for mothers and the unborn.

Rachel Adair, a young mother herself, serves as the Executive Director and wrote about her two year old daughter.

It was one of those days, the kind we all have experienced. Anything that could go wrong went wrong. As usually happens, planned vacations coincided with illness and child care problems. The child care problem belonged to Rachel.

None of this would have been a problem except that the nurse was the only staff member available and the center has a policy of having two people available for all ultrasounds. Rachel knew that they had a ultrasound scheduled with a young woman contemplating an abortion. They all knew that time mattered, and they didn’t want to postpone the ultrasound. That meant that Rachel had to be present and she didn’t have anyone to care for two year old Evie.

After explaining the situation to the anxious, young woman, they agreed to have Evie in the exam room for the ultrasound.

Here’s what happened. Rachel says that a ultrasound of a woman seven weeks pregnant basically shows a beating heart. Even as ultrasounds go, there is not much of a image. You can imagine the thoughts going through the mind of this young woman, thoughts of the future. She had to be asking, “do I keep the baby?” and, “what does the future hold?”

That’s when the amazing happened. When the image appeared, two year old Evie exclaimed: “Look, mommy. It’s a baby. She’s going to be a momma!.” Rachel said the mom beamed.

As the ultrasound continued, Evie kept saying how cute the baby was. The more Evie raved about the baby, the more the mom bonded with her baby.

Isn’t it amazing? Even a toddler can tell it’s a baby. And, isn’t it wonderful? God has given us the joy and responsibility of children.

Thank God for caring people who make the community a better place. Thank God for adults-even frightened young people–who take their responsibility seriously.

May we all take our responsibility seriously as we raise children in the ways of God.


  1. Gail
    Aug 06, 2011

    There is nothing in this world as special as a baby.

    • Waylon
      Aug 06, 2011

      One of God’s many special blessings.

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