We’re Going to the Holy Land!

We’re Going to the Holy Land!

Martha and I are hosting a trip to Israel April 24-May 4, 2012. We invite you to consider joining us as we experience the trip of a lifetime.

I have traveled to the land of Israel four times prior to this trip. Each trip has been a wonderful experience to see firsthand the land of the Bible. As you know, studying and reading have been the staple of my life, but “to see” the places that you read about makes all the difference.

My first trip was 1970. I journeyed with my pastor and his wife and Martha’s pastor. I had begun preaching and serving as pastor out of high school. My mom and dad wanted me to go and paid for the trip. It was probably one of the great gifts of my life. Early on, I was able to picture in my mind the lay of the land and see in my mind the stories of the Bible.

My second trip was 1978 when I went with a group from the Superior Avenue Baptist Church in Bogalusa. This trip was even better because it reinforced what I had seen previously.

On my thrid trip in 1985, I took the whole family. Anna was a pre-teen and Emily was six years old. Martha was able to make her first journey. We enjoyed seeing the images of the Bible imprinted on our children’s minds and hearts.

We made our last trip in 1999 with a group from our church and a number of additional folks from around the country. At that point, Martha and I agreed to return as often as possible. We didn’t know that it would be this long.

At long last, we are ready to go again and we would love to share our study and insight with you. Our study and our visits have prepared us to help you experience the land of the Bible. Israel is a special and beautiful place. I cannot convey to you the breath-taking joy of standing on the Mount of Olives as you view Jerusalem or the feeling you get when you enter the Garden Tomb and experience the sight of the empty tomb!

Please consider making the trip with us. We have flights, hotels, and the tour bus secured. I hope that you will join us.

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5 Responses

  1. Sign us up to go on this trip. We have always regretted not going the last time we had this opportunity.
    Thank you for all you do for our church.
    Betty and Mickey Bryan

  2. Mary Lynne and I would sure like to go, if it works out. We have been to the Holy Land once before back in the early 70’s and would like to return.
    God Bless you for your ministry.
    Marvin and Mary Lynne Thames

  3. It’s a great trip and a great time to go. It’s really nice going when you know someone on the plane and the rour bus. Martha and I really enjoy getting to know the folks who travel with us.

  4. Waylon, I’ve been to the Holy Land twice and enjoyed each trip. However, it would be so special to travel with you and Martha and others from our church. Please send details when available. Thanks! Gail

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