Making It to Five O’clock

Years ago when I taught at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, I frequented the Baptist Book Store (the predecessor to Lifeway Christian Stores) often. Having been a student and then a faculty member, I came to know most of the staff. Those were warm, kind relationships.

One day I walked in to pick up some books that I had ordered. Someone went immediately to the storage area to get the package. I waited at the front desk with two salespeople, one that I had known for years and one who was obviously very young and very new.

Simply to make small talk I asked Marian, the long term employee, how long she had worked there. I knew that she had been associated with the store for all of my time. I obviously asked the right question. She immediately smiled, straightened her back and said that if she made it one more year she would have worked twenty-five years. She was justifiably proud of her service.

At about that point, I realized that Marian and I had left the new employee out of our conversation. I immediately looked at her and asked: “And how long do you hope to make it?” Almost before I could get the question out of my mouth, she responded: “I just hope to make it to five o’clock!”

I laughed and thought how appropriate. We’ve all been there, simply hoping to make it to five o’clock or Friday afternoon or through some difficult time that we were going through. Life has a way of making us hope that we can just make it through.

At the same time, God has such a bigger plan for our lives. He wants to do more in us than simply to muddle through. He wants us to survive and to thrive. Our jobs, our marriages, our family, and our ministry should be about more than simply making it. God wants us to live and minister for Him. He wants our life to be our ministry and our days to be used in His plan. This truly is the day that the Lord has made. To use this day for God is the highest–and most joyful–use of the day!

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