What’s On Your Bucket List?

What do you have on your Bucket List? You know, the things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.”

Last week, I received email from a woman who talked about her bucket list. Last spring, we had another woman who visited in one of our worship services who had a visit to our church on her bucket list.

What’s on your list? As a follower of Christ, what should be on your list?

I spent this last week with the wonderful people of the Spotswood Baptist Church of Fredericksburg, Virginia. I had the opportunity to preach for their revival services. I was shocked at the church. They listen as intently as the folks at FBC, Covington, LA. I don’t find many other churches where that is the case. They have a wonderful church and gracious pastor and wife (Drew and Judy Landry who are both from Louisiana).

My last sermon of the week asked the question: “What Are You Planning for the Rest of Your Life?” I remember reading in Reader’s Digest about a couple from somewhere in the northern part of the country who were blessed to live their dream. They sold their business, moved to Florida, and bought a yacht. The article described what they did: mainly nothing. They collected seashells from their visits to different beaches.

I have no problem with retirement, beaches, or yachts, but I know that God called us to use our lives to serve Him.

What are you planning for the rest of your life? Maybe we all need a bucket list. What would be on your list?

Let me give you some ideas for your list. I hope that you have plenty of your own such as places to visit and things to do, but I hope that the following areas will dominate your list.

Plan to honor God with all of your life.

Plan to take someone (hopefully many people) to heaven with you.

Plan to honor God with your material possessions and to use those possessions for His kingdom. Plan to serve God for all of your life and please Him. Plan to find a ministry and accomplish it for His purpose.

By the way, God has a bucket list for you as well. He wants all of the above for you. Do you know what else He wants? He wants you to become like Jesus. He desires that you grow in Him and become like Him.

May God be proud of your bucket list!

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4 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed this post. It really makes you think about what is important to put on your bucket list. There are so many things a person can do to make a difference! Thanks for all the reminders!
    See you at church tomorrow.

  2. What’s in my bucket list for when I retire is to be a church visitor (a visitor from church), to go to peoples’ homes and listen to them tell their stories. I think that’s what people need most of all (except for Christ, of course) — they just need someone to listen to them. I also want to be a neighborhood minister. That is to say, to identify a certain area, and let the people living in that area (probably about a dozen homes) know that I and the church I represent are praying for them — asking them how I can pray for them. I’ll prayerwalk the neighborhood weekly, of course, and once a month will make my presence known again to each of the families, perhaps with home-made cookies, or a crocheted cross from Oriental Trading (since I don’t crochet), or an announcement about an upcoming event at the church. I’m sure as relationships build that I will have the opportunity to share God’s love with them. These are things anybody could do. Even you!

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