My Most Popular Post for September


  1. Bob Donald
    Oct 05, 2011

    Pastor, in looking at todays posting about “My Most Popular Post in September” it makes me think of how everyone experiences difficulities and how some search scripture for answers and some search to the world or their own understanding. I am guilty of looking in the wrong places and following un-Godly advice. That brings me to answer your question, what makes a good post? My answer to that question is making people and christiqan followers stronger in knowing how to apply scripture to daily living and overcoming difficuilities. I know my answer sounds very similar to the directions you’ve already given but some experience a roadblock of sorts when it comes to putting directions scripture gives us to good use in todays world. Thanks for whaty ou do.

  2. Waylon
    Oct 05, 2011

    Thanks for reading and thanks for your response. I’ve noticed through the years exactly what you have said. Many people have difficulty taking the teaching of Scripture and applying it to what’s happening with them. For this reason, I have attempted in my preaching to work on helping people apply the Scripture to their lives. This difficulty (which is what we all have to some extent) means that we must read devotionals and expositions of Scripture which help us apply the Bible to our present situation.

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