“How Do I Hear God Talking To Me?”

A pastor friend of mine told me about going to a church to preach in the pastor’s absence. At the end of the service, a young girl walked to the front and asked for help. “I want to hear God’s voice,” she said. “How do I hear God talking to me?”

Answering God’s call contains two presuppositions. The first presupposition is that we must want to hear God’s call. In order to hear from God, we must have a heart that desires to hear and obey God. If we aren’t willing to obey, does it really matter what God says? You might even ask whether God would speak to someone who is intent on disobedience.

The second presupposition is the young girl’s question. How do we hear from God? Over the next few weeks, we will see that God chooses to speak to His people in a variety to ways that fit His will and His plan.

This is what my friend said to the young girl.

First, God speaks through the Bible. God makes His will known through His Word. In addition to a variety of other ways, He also and primarily speaks through His revealed Word. This is important also—He does not speak contrary to His Word.

Second, God speaks to us when we pray. We should ask God to reveal His will and make it clear to us. I always ask God to make His will plain to me. I find that I often talk too much in prayer. As I speak to God, I also need to be silent and simply listen to God.

Both, the first and second ways involve meditation, a time when we quietly think about God and what He wants in our world.

Third, God speaks through His servants. My friend indicated that the young girl should listen intently to the sermon and Bible Study lessons in order to hear God speak. He told her that she also should listen to those people who are close to God. When Mordecai spoke to Esther, God obviously made His will plain through the urging of Mordecai (Esther 4:13-16).

Before my friend could add any additional points, the girl said: “Good, that’s what I thought” and left.

May you and I seek to hear God’s call and obey His direction.

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4 Responses

  1. Thank you, Waylon. As always, your writings are “spot on” concerning our relationship with God, and how easy He makes it – how hard we sometimes fight it. As usual your point hits home.
    Thanks for serving God and your readers.

  2. Thanks for your encouraging comment. You make me want to write more! Our sin and rebellion makes what should be easy (a warm, close relationship with the God who is love) hard.

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