“How Do I Hear God Talking To Me?”


  1. Ron
    Oct 10, 2011

    Thank you, Waylon. As always, your writings are “spot on” concerning our relationship with God, and how easy He makes it – how hard we sometimes fight it. As usual your point hits home.
    Thanks for serving God and your readers.

  2. waylon
    Oct 10, 2011

    Thanks for your encouraging comment. You make me want to write more! Our sin and rebellion makes what should be easy (a warm, close relationship with the God who is love) hard.

  3. […] to answer the question of “How Do I Hear God Talking To Me.” You can read that here. http://waylonbailey.com/2011/10/how-do-i-hear-god-talking-to-me/. In that post I mentioned three main ways that God makes Himself known to us. He reveals Himself […]

  4. […] Her email today referred to a recent blog post. The title was “How Can I Hear God Talking?” You can see it here. […]

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