My Series on Public Speaking

I well remember my first speech class in college. I agonized over the three minutes that I was assigned to speak. Trying to find the right subject and the right delivery almost overwhelmed me.

Speaking in public is a tremendous privilege and a frightful prospect. Over the last two months I have written five posts on speaking in public. I have put those together in hopes that you can read or reread these posts and find help for this most daunting of tasks. You can find the links below. I hope that they will help you as you influence others as you have opportunity to speak.

If you find these articles helpful, would you share them with others? is my ministry across the internet. Over the past month, the blog has been read in thirty-one countries around the world. I want to use the blog to further the kingdom of God and to make a difference in people’s lives. Thank you for helping me do this.



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