FBC Welcomes Louisiana Baptists!

First Baptist Church Welcomes Louisiana Baptists!

This week marks an historic first both for Louisiana Baptists and for First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana. For the first time the Louisiana Baptist Convention will meet in St. Tammany Parish. We are thankful to have the convention meet in our parish and in our facility. The convention of Louisiana Baptists began in 1849. It took 55 years (1904) before there was any Baptist church in the city of Covington. It is certainly amazing that we get to host the convention here.

In another part of the Vision, you will see the announcement of times and places for the Pastor’s Conference (Sunday night, Monday morning and afternoon) and the convention (Monday night, Tuesday morning and afternoon). You are encouraged to attend all the sessions. However, only registered messengers are eligible to vote during the convention.

The Pastor’s Conference is a time of inspiration for pastor’s and pastor’s spouses and as many of our people and other guests as wish to attend. You will hear outstanding music and powerful preaching.

The convention itself is a time of inspiration and business. You are also encouraged to attend these sessions as well.

Who are Louisiana Baptists? The Louisiana Baptist Convention is an association (network) of cooperating churches with like practice and doctrinal belief. These churches are completely independent but work together to carry out Christ’s great commission to go into all of the world with the Gospel. We also cooperate to do together what we cannot normally do by ourselves. For example, Louisiana Baptists support a children’s home (in Monroe) and a college (Louisiana College in Pineville). We also work together to plant new churches and to encourage and strengthen one another. We know a strand of three cords is not easily broken.

Louisiana Baptists are 1600 congregations with 620,000 members cooperating together to touch our state for Christ. We are led by Dr. David Hankins (whose son Adam and his family attend FBC). Dr. Hankins serves as Executive Director and gives leadership to the convention.

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