My Goals for the Louisiana Baptist Convention


  1. Ann Kramer
    Nov 19, 2011

    Waylon, I will pray for you for all your work, endeavors, and joys as LBC President. Congratulations! A verse in Psalm 37:23 comes to mind for your guidance: “The steps of the godly are directed by the Lord. He delights in every detail of their lives.” Thank you for all you do for the Lord and others!~

  2. Sarah Chaiban
    Nov 19, 2011

    Congratulations, Waylon!

  3. Waylon
    Nov 19, 2011

    Thanks to both of you. I appreciate your prayers on my behalf. May God bless His churches.

  4. Geri Sistrunk
    Nov 20, 2011

    It is time for your leadership. While working on our own strategic planning with you I learned that your leadership style was never a threatening nor dictatorial one. I am still amazed that ever issue on which we voted was unanimously approved. God was so good to us. Katrina delayed our work but did not stop it.. I doubt the LBC will be that easy but I know that you will work for the glory of God and not yourself. I will pray for you and your family , especially Martha, in this endeavor. I am confident that our wonderful church staff and the membership will be supportive.


    • Waylon
      Nov 20, 2011

      Thanks so much for your encouragement. Martha and I both appreciate your prayers. May God bless you.

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