Getting Ready For Sunday

How do you get ready to worship God?

When we really consider it, getting ready for worship is a daunting task. Can we really come into the presence of God? Can we really expect to hear God speak to us through the Holy Spirit?

Today, I want to make a practical suggestion to help you get ready for worship.

Here is the suggestion:

Plan Ahead.

When our girls were little, they had “Sunday shoes.” They didn’t particularly like Sunday shoes. As soon as they arrived home, they literally kicked off their shoes. We often didn’t have a clue where the shoes wound up. Often, the shoes would be under the couch in the den. Sunday morning was a real adventure–read hectic time of trying to get out the door. It didn’t take us long to learn that worship would be better and Sunday morning would be easier if we learned to plan ahead. We simply laid out clothes on Saturday afternoon. Something as simple as finding the shoes from the previous Sunday and putting them where they could be found on Sunday morning made all the difference.

I’m not sure that children have Sunday clothes or Sunday shoes any more. It really doesn’t matter. The concept is the same. You must be ready to worship by planning ahead.

It works the same way with adults. Plan ahead.

Get physically ready for worship so that you can get spiritually ready for worship.

If you remove the hassle of finding what you need to wear, preparing for Sunday lunch, and all of the other logistical areas that hinder you, you will be better ready to hear from God as you enter into worship.

There’s one other benefit from planning ahead–it will even make the sermon better!

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4 Responses

  1. The shoes at the beginning brought to my mind Martha’s book , PUTTING MY DRESS-UP CLOTHES AWAY.
    I am not an early riser and I rarely meet the challenge to be in my place for the beginning of the service. However, I try never to miss Jay’s opening prayer. It is always worth the trip to church, 50 miles round .


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